ShoreTel says the IP655 is their “Wonder Phone”. 

The physical soft-keys for the menu system have been removed.

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ShoreTel Dock (Apple Lightning) and ShoreTel Dock (Apple 30-pin

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Replaces the shoretel harmonic adapter for a much cleaner install.........

Custom patch panels designed for easy install pre-configured for your shoretel switch.

All ports are tested and labeled with the appropriate port types to match the shoretel switch.

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ShoreTel Communicator for iPhone

FREE IPhone Application.

*** This application requires ShoreTel 11 release or later. Your administrator must provide you with account information to use the application. Please read through the requirements section below ***

By using this application you agree with the terms of the accompanying end user license agreement (EULA). 

With ShoreTel Communicator you can be reachable, anytime, anywhere and take full advantage of your ShoreTel UC system to stay connected to your colleagues and customers. 

ShoreTel Communicator lets you place and receive calls on your iPhone through your ShoreTel UC system and phone network.

Major Features:
• Hide your iPhone number when calling out
• Dial your iPhone contacts
• View, listen and call back from your ShoreTel voicemail box
• Access and call back from your call history 
• Set your presence and preferred call handling mode 
• Assign your ShoreTel extension to your iPhone
• Save money on international calls through the business communication infrastructure

Supported language: English (US)

- ShoreTel 11 release or later
- VPN or Reverse Proxy Access (Configuration details can be found in the ShoreTel 11 Product Installation Guide)