ShoreTel IP 655



ip655 ShoreTel IP655 now available!!! 



  ShoreTel's most advanced telephone, the IP 655 provides 12-line appearances, a large backlit touch color display and haptic      (vibrational) feedback.  Advanced microphone technology delivers superb speakerphone capability for offices and small and midsize  conference rooms when used with the optional extension microphone accessories.




IP 655



  • Large color touch screen
  • Advanced microphone array technology
  • Integrated VPN Client
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • Visual voicemail
  • Directory with presence indication
  • 12 Lines






 This phone can be purchased onlinebuy_now2 or call 1-866-509-VOIP















Dennison Tech Main

ShoreTel Dock (Apple Lightning) and ShoreTel Dock (Apple 30-pin



The ShoreTel Dock is the first and only business-grade device that transforms the Apple® iPhone®, iPad® and iPad mini into the desk phone for the mobile generation. The ShoreTel Dock merges the benefits of a desk phone (audio quality, always-on power and ergonomic comfort) with the unified communications power of ShoreTel Mobility-- instant messaging, directories, buddy presence, extension dialing, web conferencing and more.

There are two models of the ShoreTel Dock available with either an Apple 30 pin connector or an Apple Lightning connector. Each model has an articulating arm that lets users rotate their iPad between portrait and landscape orientations making web browsing as easy as placing a phone call.  It works with both Bluetooth and direct connectivity and delivers the best audio quality possible—all while keeping the device charged and ready to go.

The ShoreTel Dock revolutionizes business communications and teleworker phone systems, making it easy for smartphones and tablets to become a user's primary communication device.

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             ShoreTel IP Phone 655



ip655This is a new executive-level telephone set replacing the now-discontinued IP560 ShorePhone. 

ShoreTel says the IP655 is their “Wonder Phone”. 

The physical soft-keys for the menu system have been removed.

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World-Class Customer Experience:

ShoreTel is pleased to recognize Dennison Technology Group for your outstanding achievement in customer loyalty for the 2014 Partner Year. ShoreTel measures customer loyalty and satisfaction using the globally recognized Net Promoter Score (NPS®) program. Your NPS score surpasses what is considered world-class level of customer loyalty. Your consistent performance in delivering an exceptional all-around customer experience is a tribute to your dedication to our joint customers. It is partners like you who ensure customers are not only satisfied, but are loyal to ShoreTel and our products and services.

Congratulations on your outstanding achievement.

Sincerely, Don Joos President and CEO






Shoretel IP560g



The phone of choice for telephony-intensive professionals and executive assistants who require Gigabit Ethernet connectivity at the desktop for data-intensive functions, the IP 560g builds on the IP 230g feature set with six line appearances and color-lit line buttons that provide instant call recognition and identification.



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Feature Keys

Redial (History)


24 character x 7 line display (back lit)
168 x 80 pixels


Full duplex

Audio Controls

Volume (independent control)
Mute (LED indicator)
Speakerphone (LED indicator)
Headset (LED indicator)


MGCP protocol
VLAN, DiffServ/ToS, 5004/UDP QoS, 
G.722, BV-32, BV-16, G.711, G.729a codecs
Built-in 10/100/1000 Ethernet switch
802.3af PoE (standard), or local power (optional)
Class 3 PoE (4.1 W idle / 6.1 W active / 7.5 W max)


Humidity : 5-90% relative humidity (non-condensing)

Shoretel patch panel with 25 pin connector


Shoretel Patch Panel W/ 25 Pin Connector



Custom patch panels designed for easy install preconfigured for your shoretel switch. all ports are tested and labeled with the appropriate port types to match the shoretel switch. Custom lengths are available.

 Replaces the shoretel harmonic adapter for a much cleaner install.

19” Rack Mounting. Front Fully populated with 24 RJ45 modules.. Female RJ21 Telco tail 90 degree hood. Individual slide marking system RJ21 Female. Simply plug the RJ21 connector into your voice gateway to provide connectivity..




ShoreTel IP Phone BB24





The ShoreTel IP Phone BB24 programmable button box provides operators and assistants with at-a-glance presence information and fast, one-button feature access. The 24 buttons can be customized to suit the needs of different users. Self-labeling keys eliminate paper labels, saving time while ensuring the accuracy of configuration. The only IP-based device on the market, the BB24 includes an Ethernet switch and provides PoE power forwarding for one downstream device. Up to four devices can be associated with an IP Phone.



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12 character x 14 line display (back lit, grayscale)
80 x 168 pixels


MGCP protocol
VLAN, DiffServ/ToS, 5004/udp QoS
Built-in 10/100 ethernet switch
802.3af PoE (standard), or local power (optional)
Class 2 PoE (2.9 W idle / 4.6 W active / 6.5 W max)


Humidity : 5-90% relative humidity (non-condensing)
Operating temperature : 0-50° C